Sound Equipment

We have a wide range of sound equipment to cover everything from small gigs to halls to open air festivals.


3.5Kw DAP Audio Sound Mate system

W Audio PSR8 / PSR 12 and PSR 15 powered speakers (either for P.A. or monitor use)

1.6Kw Wafedale EVP Series powered speakers

Most of our desks are analogue and include

16 channel Soundrcraft FX16

24 channel Soundcraft LX 7

32 channel Mackie SR32 – 4 VLZ

We also have a 16 channel Mackie DL1608 wireless digital console

We have several racks of analogue outboard gear from well known makes including DBX / Yamaha / Lexicon etc.

Most standard microphones are available (Shure, AKG, Beyer Dynamic, Rode, SE Electronics and Sennheiser) and we have a wide range of D.I. boxes – both active and passive

Lighting Equipment

We have a wide range of lighting equipment and we have covered many different events from small clubs to large open air shows.

Lasers, moving heads, colour washes and speciality lighting effects are all available on request.

We can provide DMX controllers for most sizes of venue.

We also have smoke and haze machines to suit many different sizes of shows.